Make Your Eyelashes Look Great With This Simple Trick!

If your eyelashes don’t look great even when you apply mascara, we have a nice recipe that will make them look incredible. Here’s what you need: Ingredients 20 ml. of coconut oil 20 ml. of castor oil 20 ml. of vitamin E oil Preparation The process is easy – just mix all ingredients in a […]

15 Reasons You Need To Be Giving Your Dog Coconut Oil – Plus DIY Coconut Oil Dog Treat Recipe

Coconut oil is the favorite product of health-conscious people, and it sure rules the world. It does everything from healing skin problems, alleviating allergy symptoms, to enhancing ingestion, and some use it instead of conventional toothpaste. Why is coconut oil good for your dog? There are around 525 million pet canines on the planet, and […]

Incredible Detox Drink To Lose Weight, Boost Immune System and Cleanse Toxins!

Do you suffer from fatigue, insomnia, depression, food allergies, acne, headaches, joint pain or excess weight? If so, your body is definitely full of toxic overload and is probably out of balance. Your belly fat and weight gain can be related to toxins in your liver. Every liver has two crucial functions, to metabolize fat […]