A Remedy That Works Amazing: Heal Cracked Heels And Varicose Veins For 10 Days!

When people talk about problems with feet, the most common problem is cracked heels and dry skin. They are characterized by cracks that are visible, the skin is dry, and there may be thickened skin along the heel, which is usually yellow or dark color. They are result from a lack of moisture skin, unhealthy diet, lack of hygiene or incorrect shoes. Fortunately, with this miracle cure from just 2 ingredients will solve your problem, even problems with blisters and varicose veins in the legs.


– 10 aspirins grind them so as to get the powder to mix with 250ml – 70% alcohol. Allow the mixture to stand for a day or two.

– Every night put the mixture on cotton, then place cotton on the heel, wrap with plastic wrap and dress socks. Leave on overnight.

– In the morning clean your feet and wipe with a dry cloth. Put glycerin or a moisturizing cream.

With this treatment for cracked skin, blisters and varicose veins will disappear, or will be withdrawn on the 10th day of treatment.

Source: www.healthyfoodhouse.com

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