He ate only potatoes for a year and now he looks like this

Andrew Taylor was not glad what he looks like. He was a chubby person and needed in some way or another to help himself. He tumbled down and discouraged, drinking medicine, however it didn’t help him.

He ate everything. He turned out to be truly dependent and ate all that he got – seared oily nourishment, frozen yogurts, cakes, chocolates, pizza and drinking an excessive amount of pop.

“I understood that I was dependent. When you are a heavy drinker and you get to be distinctly mindful of that, you need to quit drinking. It is a similar when you need to quit eating addict nourishment. In any case, you can’t quit eating. I understood I needed to accomplish something, “he said for the Austrlian entryway news.com.

He chose to roll out a radical improvement – to eat just potatoes. Many were incredulous, many scrutinized him, attempted to discourage him from this thought. Be that as it may, Andrew was persevering, defeated it all and has lost up to 50 pounds for not as much as a year!

“I experienced clinical wretchedness and potatoes helped me to manage it. I don’t drink antidepressants, rest better, and significantly more don’t feel torment in joints I maintained playing football ten years back, “said the Australian, who even made a business out of this, and called it” Spud Fit Test “.

He conceded that it is the start of this eating regimen was hard, genuine torment. Yet, it is simpler of late.

“I simply quit pondering whatever other nourishment,” he clarifies.

He has turned into a genuine star in the Australian media.

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