Double Fat Loss With One Teaspoon Of This Miracle Spice Daily!

Cumin is spice that originates from Egypt. It is cultivated long time ago and is enjoyed as a food and medicine in the Middle East, India, China and Mediterranean. It’s used in anything from chilli spices to curry.

Although cumin is not a spice that people use everyday, but after reading this article you will change your habits and opinion.

Cumin is powerful seed that can be used for treatment of indigestion, anemia, acid reflux, diabetes, constipation and so much more. Some studies prove that cumin can even help at weight loss process.

Cumin’s Weight Loss Experiment

Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice in a recent edition reported that researchers at Iran’s Shahid Sadoughi University of Medical Sciences monitored a group of 88 overweight and obese women as they underwent a weight loss experiment .

Participants were divided into two groups: both would follow a reduced calorie diet and receive nutrition counseling but one group would eat yogurt with three grams of cumin daily while the other would eat plain yogurt.

Boosts Metabolism

In a period of three months, the cumin group lost an average of 50% more weight than the plain yogurt group. In addition, they decreased their body fat percentage by 14.64% or almost three times the control group’s loss. Another benefit is lowered body mass index and waist circumference significantly more than the control group.

The authors speculated that cumin’s weight loss abilities may be due to the spice temporarily increasing metabolic rate. They even suggested that it could be a viable treatment for metabolic syndrome .

Lowers Blood Fats

Another amazing benefit from cumin is that it significantly reduced blood lipid levels. Triglycerides dropped 23 points compared to only five points in the control group. And LDL cholesterol dropped an average of 10 points compared to less than one point for the controls.

We can assume that cumin might help prevent atherosclerosis, heart disease and diabetes, conditions associated to high triglycerides levels.

The researchers are convinced that cholesterol lowering effect of the spice can be partly attributed to its glycoside saponins. These compounds prevent cholesterol absorption and increase its excretion.

The compounds, that are found in black cumin, have anti – coagulant, anti – inflammatory, anti – oxidant properties anticarcinogenic, hepatoprotective, hypoglycemic, immunomodulatory and  neuroprotective properties.

Reduces Cholesterol Absorption

In addition, this flowering plant contains a substantial amount of phytosterols that may positively modulate lipids by reducing cholesterol absorption. There is another study that was published in Annuals of Nutrition and Metabolism. It was found that taking cumin cyminum L. capsule among overweight subjects had the same effects of orlistat120. Orlistat is a drug that acts as a gastrointestinal lipase inhibitor for obesity management and acts by inhibiting the absorption of dietary fats .

The spice also had similar effects as the drug on weight and BMI and even better effects on insulin metabolism.

You can consume cumin in combination with yogurt, but also it is great in combination with roasted vegetables, use it to season chicken or even add a pinch to vegetable soup. You can also mix it with your eggs in the morning!

If you still don’t know where to start, we recommend you to try this cumin tea recipe:

Prepare a cup of warming and soothing cumin tea by boiling seeds in water and then letting them steep for 8 – 10 minutes.

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