Hair is a symbol of femininity and beauty all around the world, but unfortunately among the whole process of treating hair with chemicals (coloring, perm), heat ( hair dryer, strengthening, blow dry), ponytails and inadequate care, the hair becomes dry, think and damaged.

All of the mentioned factors combined with every day stress and changes in the organism increase hair loss.

In order to reduce and prevent losing hair we recommend you this homemade shampoo.

This shampoo is easy to make and is 100 % efficient.

After few shampooing you will notice the difference. The hair will be stronger, flawless and the hair loss will be reduced. After month or two regular usage you will notice new hair growing and increased volume.

From this simple Shampoo your Hair will Grow like crazy, Everybody will envy your Shiny, Voluminous and Elastic hair
From this simple Shampoo your Hair will Grow like crazy, Everybody will envy your Shiny, Voluminous and Elastic hair
Needed ingredients:

Nettle shampoo (regular 1 liter)
Pantenol 100ml (water solution)
Nettle drops 30 ml (one small bottle)
AD drops, 30ml water solution (one small bottle)
Castor oil 50ml
2 ampules vitamin B

In 750ml of nettle shampoo add the Pantenol bottle 100ml, nettle drops, AD drops and castor oil.

How works this shampoo:

Believe it or not this shampoo is a real vitamin bomb for your scalp and as well for the hair.

Nettle speeds up the peripheral circulation and blood supply into the scalp, this way all the metabolic processes are accelerated within the epidermis. This process helps all the ingredients from the shampoo to be quickly and effective absorbed.


Pantenol: pantothenic acid ( vitamin B) works on the proper function of the scalp and stimulation of regenerative processes.

Castor oil: strengthens hair coticules. It is rich with Vitamin E and ricinoleic acid. Vitamin E is very important antioxidant which prevents free radicals and its bed influences on the head skin and hair roots. Castor has regenerative and antifungal properties (destroys fungal infections responsible for appearance of dandruff). It acts protective, calming and healing on the scalp. The thick and sticky consistency removes dead skin cells, preventing them clog the hair follicle which would result in slower hair growth.

AD drops: vitamin A works on various physiological functions in the human body, what is important for the hair is the regenerative property which acts on the scalp.

Vitamin B complex: nourishes the hair and restore hair firmness.

My experience:

I use this shampoo for three months and all I have is only positive comments. My hair has stopped falling; it returned her liveliness and shine. Hair growth rate is doubled, and the hair is soft and shiny.

The structure of this shampoo is pretty much in liquid consistency, so shake them before usage. Because of its liquid compound, firstly apply into your hand than on the hair. After foaming, massage the scalp for a few minutes in order to increase blood flow and reabsorption of ingredients. Leave to for a while to act, than wash with water thoroughly. If you have dry type of hair you may apply hair mask or conditioner after shampooing.

If your hair is extremely dry than use a half bottle of nettle drops instead of whole bottle, because nettle can dry your hair as well.

If you suffer from significant hair loss then I recommend you to drink nettle tea, to control your hormone status and blood test because a low level of iron in blood can cause hair loss.

The nettle shampoo is available in every market and store, and the other ingredients you can find it in any drugstores.

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