This student was shown a blood test that got him astonished. The parameters of urea, cholesterol, blood glucose, lipids, and triglycerides had their levels above the normal. The parameters were will show at a person who should be already dead, however, that was not the case. The blood results were from the professor’s blood sample.

The student was then showed another analysis of blood sample which were showing normal levels, saying that that has been done one month after the first test was been done. The dates on the two papers confirmed this.


The professor gave the student an advice which he started following and thus he got impressive results. This treatment is being repeated once per year in order to maintain the normal levels of the blood parameters. The student had been checking his blood regularly and if the levels started changing a little, he repeats the treatment.

You are also being advised to do this treatment for your own health and your blood. Just buy a raw pumpkin, peel 100g of it and chop it into pieces. Place them in a blender and then add a bit of water in it to make a smoothie. Drink it 15-20 minutes before your breakfast and consume it each week for a period of 1 month. Remember to make analysis of your blood before and after the treatment.

This mixture does not have any side effects as it consists of water and pumpkin. The secret lies in the pumpkin’s ability to clean the arteries and eliminate LDL cholesterol from them through urine.


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