Lose Your Weight and Reduce Your CHOLESTEROL With This Morning Routine!

This drink will help you lose weight, but it can lower your cholesterol. You will see results in a short time after you begin consuming this beverage.


Making drinks is easy. These will require three lemons, two small packets of parsley, a little baking soda and two liters of water.


Use lemon soda for cleaning. Using baking soda ensures that pesticides and bacteria from the lemon with the peel, rinse thoroughly. After they washed, lemon soak in a bowl of warm water and baking for one hour. Chop your lemon and parsley and add them to the water. Be sure to first wash the parsley, lemon peel and throw it in use.

Add the chopped parsley and lemon in two liters of distilled water and bring to a boil. Cook the ingredients on low heat for up to three hours. Half of the water should evaporate. When the mixture was cooled. Strain the liquid and store in refrigerator in glass bottles, jars.

Beverage should be refrigerated overnight. For your best results, drink about two ounces in the morning before eating, and make sure you wait a half hour before eating breakfast.

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