What your sleeping position says about your relationship

The couple sleeps on the inverse sides of the bed during this sleeping position. It means that the couple just needs a decent night’s rest.

One accomplice needs space and alternate needs more closeness in this sleeping position.

Man on the back, female on back, resting head in the fissure of the man’s shoulder. This implies a lady is subject to man.

This sleeping position (eye to eye not touching), implies one on one contact and discussion.

The relationship is new if the man is on back and the lady is laying head on man’s mid-section.

Adoring freedom, closeness, and sexual movement implies this sleeping position is: vis-à-vis, legs interlaced for 10 minutes, or until couple nods off.

In this sleeping position, the man needs love and care.

Here, the male is cherishing and defensive.

This sleeping position is consecutive touching. This implies the accomplices are agreeable, imply, and loose.

This sleeping position is consecutive, but not touching. It means that you are associated yet autonomous.

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