Vitamin B17 Is Banned Because It Cures Cancer!

Vitamin B17 is a rare vitamin with powerful anti-cancer properties that can be found in apricot kernels. Many people are not aware of the kernels’ health benefits and throw them away, but according to recent studies, they have anti-cancer properties that are even more powerful than conventional cancer treatments! Major health organizations are aware of this however, and try their best to hide the kernels’ properties from the public in order to profit from chemotherapy!


Even doctors who have tried to go public with the information have been quickly prosecuted. Recently, a woman was able to defeat cancer by herself with an alternative treatment that included taking vitamin B17, and her cancer returned once she stopped taking it. The woman rejected chemotherapy and decided to try vitamin B17, and after a few weeks of taking 500 mg. twice a day, her tumors were destroyed and she was able to defeat the disease.

This only shows that vitamin B17 is a viable natural anti-cancer drug, which is why the pharmaceutical industry is trying to ban it.

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